Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stash, do you have one?

Have you ever noticed that when you craft your purchases of supplies seem to exponentially grow? It's like they are hiding away in that storage closet or bin reproducing by some form of cloning. LOL Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to post pictures, though I have to admit I'm much better now at almost 50 then I used to be. And every time it seems to be growing embarrassingly large I issue myself a challenge - MAKE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to use what I already have. It can be quite fun really, either coming up with ideas on your own or by spending time searching on the www to find patterns/tutorials/theory to make small fun things for your friends or family - because somehow the stash closet or bins never seem to have the right amount to finish what you really wanted to do with it. HOW IS THAT? If you can answer this for me, well....I'll give you, I know, some of my stash. ;)


  1. Stash? Me? Nah.... LOL yeah, I'm finally trying to part with some things that I have had forever and haven't used, knowing that it'll be better if someone else actually uses them. One thing that is nice is I've found someone who will trade me my raw materials stash for finished items that I don't know how to make! Win-win :) You're making me want to go dig in there and come up with an idea, though :)

  2. LOL I KNEW you'd understand. How awesome that you've found someone to team up with!