Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fabric shopping

Wow, it's been awhile since I've tried to look for baby fabric in the store. Two big box and one quilt store later I finally found some fabric for my sister's requested project. She has a shower to go to for a past co-worker and wanted one of my Mommy and Me Bags to give her. Since it's for my sister, I'll make it, CPSIA regulations or not. The problem with trying to find a fabric, well, she wanted a more traditional pink girly one - and I was finding that almost impossible to find. Yes, I know the thing right now is NON-traditional fabrics for baby bags. I found a ton of cute fabrics, but it took me forever to find something even close to traditional. And what I ended up settling on, a Debbie Mumm baby fabric in three coordinating cottons. Pinks, yellow and a light brown were the color of the day choices. Not quite what I had in mind, but I think by the time I'm done with adding a little girly foofoo to it - it will be cute cute cute!

Here's the fabrics I purchased, at JoAnns Fabrics (NOT my favorite fabric store, but hey they at least had some baby fabric!)
Luckily I could actually see it in person, these pictures don't do it justice. And with some extra special touches I think she'll LOVE IT!

I wish I'd had time to order online, one of my favorite Etsy stores had just what I needed but it just wouldn't get here in time. Darn. I think that could be why I had such a hard time finding something, you know how it is when you get something stuck in your mind. LOL

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