Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FAQ answers to your store questions!

I've had email questions about how the store works, so hopefully this will answer what you've been wanting to know. Hopefully I didn't miss something. If I did feel free to let me know!

SO, you've wondered about what Candejo's Creations has to offer. You've clicked the shop link and looked through the pages and found something you would love to purchase but don't know how, so here's the FAQ's. It's quick, easy and painless - really. I promise.

See that little register button? Just click there. You'll be taken to a main details page. There you'll be asked to fill pick an account type, business or personal. You can decide if you want to register your business or if you'd rather have a personal account - isn't it great YOU can decide! Then you'll be asked the following information:

Full Name
City, State ZIPCODE
Phone #
Date of Birth
Email Address

This information is for a seller (me), obviously to ship items and for communication on payments, special orders etc. When you purchase something you'll then be able to see that same information on the seller (me). No one else has access to that information except the site admin, so no need to worry about getting spammed or your information going anywhere other than the selling site. I personally know the admin, Belinda, and she's a friend on my FB fanpage so you can check her out there! Safe and easy.

Then you'll be asked to make a user name and password. Then read and accept the terms on the bottom box and hit the button. You'll be able to log in immediately using the user name and password you set up, and shop! You'll also be sent an email to the address you registered with that will contain your user name and password - you know, if you're like me and forget you'll have this to reference each time you want to shop. If you don't receive this email in a few minutes, check your spam folder. Some ISP's filter it there, don't know why but they do. You can set up the sending address of this email in your address book as "okay" and you won't have that problem anymore.

When you decide on the item(s) you wish to purchase, just click the little blue and red words BUY OUT, right under the small picture on the upper right.

There you'll be reminded of the price and any pertinent details such as shipping price, shipping method, and payment forms accepted. Click proceed to purchase and you'll receive an email about your purchase.

Then, just wait a bit(24-48 hours) and you'll receive an invoice from paypal for your purchase(s). You can check my store for other store policies and shipping information.

See - quick, easy and painless. And SO MUCH FUN, I promise!

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