Monday, August 24, 2009

Crochet Pattern!

While I'm no longer offering children's items in my shop I still love to make them. I decided to share a pattern for one of my favorite items I like to make for a baby gift, blankets! They don't have to be fancy, just cute. And soft. Babies love them, and my children all still have the special one I made for each of them. This one is pretty easy and has an interesting design. It's a versatile pattern that you can make any width you'd like based on what you want it's purpose to be - stroller blanket, crib blanket, or just a snuggle blanket.

Baby yarn (weight - 2)
Size D and F crochet hooks

While I'd love to tell you how much yarn, it will vary based on how big you make the blanket. I know, that doesn't help much does it. I used 8 average size skeins of baby yarn from my stash. I hate to admit that I'm not even sure how much that was, they were a trade from a friend for something they wanted me to make and they didn't have the bands on them anymore. The closest thing I can compare it to would be Bernat Baby Yarn. (which comes - 1.75 oz/50g/286 yd/262m ball.) I would guess 8 skeins of Bernat also. What's fantastic about blankets, gauge really isn't all that important.

Use two strands of yarn together. Using the F hook, chain 151. Now you'll need to create a base for the decorative stitch for the blanket, so you need to dc in the 4th chain from hook (those three chains you left un-worked count as your first dc) and in each chain across for a total of 149 dc's. Turn. Now that you've created a base you'll repeat these two rows for however wide you'd like your blanket to be.

Row 1:
Ch3 (this counts as first dc) then (fpdc * in next stitch, dc in next stitch) - repeat the two stitches in parenthesis until you reach the end of the row. Turn.

Row 2:
Ch3 (this counts as first dc) then (dc in next stitch, fpdc* in next stitch) - repeat the two stitches in parenthesis until you reach the last two stitches, dc in last two stitches. Turn.

Repeat these two rows until you have the desired width. Fasten off.

Using the D hook, rejoin yarn in corner where foundation chain is. (3 sc in corner, then single crochet in each foundation chain, 3 sc in corner. Along longer side, 2sc in first row end, then 1 sc in row ends alternating until you reach the next corner. Repeat for remaining two sides. Slip stitch to first sc. Turn. Chain one, sc in each sc - make certain when you reach a corner to 3 sc in corner stitch. Fasten off when you've reached the beginning point. This makes two full rounds around the edge of the blanket.

You'll see that this creates a beautiful boxed stitch pattern. You can make stripes, large or small to vary the look or to match nursery colors.

*Here's the easiest to follow link to show you how to fpdc (front post double crochet) Crochet Spot! Thanks Rachel - awesome site for crocheters, so make sure to check it all out!

The picture here is of one I just finished for my daughter to gift to her co-worker who's expecting a little girl any day. I added a little pink to it from some pink yarn I had left in my stash (about 1/2 skein). I worked 10 rows of the pattern in white, then 2 in pink and repeated until I ran out of white yarn. LOL Come on, you didn't really expect me to be precise about this did you?

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  1. I was looking for a new baby blanket pattern! This looks adorable!