Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nothing can beat love.

It makes the world go round, at least mine. Not only did I have the best husband in the world, and four super children - I have THE most awesome granddaughter in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. She joined our family at just the time we all needed her the most. My husband had died recently from cancer, and she has no idea how much her Grandma, Aunts and Uncles needed her. She came into this world almost 6 years ago via my oldest daughter, and we've all known pure joy since then. She makes all of us giggle uncontrollably with her antics and she is just SO SMART and SO FUNNY. I wonder if she realizes just how many adults she has totally wrapped around her finger.

She is an inspiration for quite a few of my original designs. (which I can no longer offer for sale, thank you very much CPSIA) And she's also the main reason I scour the internet looking for patterns available for sale from other mother/grandmother fabric artists.

SO, the reason for this post...are you tired of reading yet? My little Emmalou (as only her grandma calls her) is starting school today. I can NOT believe it! Between that and losing her first tooth..oh my. Of course grandma wants her to be in high fashion for kindergarten so the notepad comes out to design her a lunchbag and bookbag that will of course be ONE OF A KIND, you know..just like my granddaughter. Well, the lunch bag I can design. I mean, all I have to do is look at a paperbag and go from there right? And look around at stores for how to do the handles and closures. Okay, done. Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen? You know, for the cutest granddaughter in the WHOLE WORLD!

But the backpack, well I gave up and so the hunt began for a pattern. Keeping in my mind I usually HATE patterns, but I've had pretty much 95% success with purchasing patterns from individuals. SO I did some homework and came upon this fabulous seamstress/pattern maker Rae from Made By Rae who has a super cute backpack pattern. (She offers her patterns for download right on her site and even a cottage license if you'd like to offer them for sale!) So I purchased the pattern and then panicked. What if I couldn't make sense of it when Miss Emmalou was depending upon her Grandma? Oh wow, pressure. But, no worries. Rae writes the most awesome pattern - so easy to follow with clear simple instructions, and pictures too! She even included ideas on how to alter it for size. So, don't you wish I'd just post the pictures and shut up now? LOL Okay, here you go...

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  1. Snif. I can't believe Emma is starting kindergarten this year! Love the missing tooth. What a fantastic lunch bag and backpack for the first day of school. She is blessed to have a grandma as awesome as you.