Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Vintage Orange and Yellow ButtonsImage by madelinetosh via Flickr

Oh, I LOVE buttons. Every kind of button imaginable. Small, large, vintage, round, square, etched, wood...just buttons period. And somehow, this has been transferred to my granddaughter. She loves them too, and we've decided to start a collection. OH WHAT FUN!

Here's my dilemma....I think this love of buttons actually started when I was young. And I wonder if it's really buttons or the button container that drew me to them. To explain a bit - my mom had an awesome collection of buttons, though I'm not so sure it was a collection. haha I'm pretty certain it was a necessity and a smart move for a family on a tight budget. If the clothes were worn out, you took off and up cycled every little bit you could from them. She had the best button container in the WORLD! It was a round ceramic type shorter canister, with buttons on the outside in different colors. Not real ones, but ceramic ones built into the design - some flat and some looking like they were coming OUT of it. I don't remember exactly how the lid was, but I remember it had a corded type handle. I want one. I can't find one. We just can't start this button collection without one, I'm not sure it will be the same if I don't. While I've saved several "lots" of buttons in my favorites on Etsy I have yet to find that perfect place to put them. Emma thinks we need a cool button collection holder too. LOL Any ideas where I can find one? Oh please, someone out there in blog land has GOT to have some ideas. Maybe someone you know who does pottery or ceramics and could make one? A vintage seller that might have one? HELP HELP HELP!

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