Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remember that hint over the weekend?

Hopefully you checked out the link to the funny teenager story over at Carol's blog, it certainly helped perk me up for the weekend. So, here's where that bathroom scene hint was leading - a new item available this week in the store! For the bath sets, we wanted an alternative to loofah's. My daughters have pretty sensitive skin (unlike this old girl) and they wanted something enviro friendly and washable too because of the germies factor. I even made a smaller version for my granddaughter Emma and she loves it - her set is blue. So I've offered them in the store for anyone who just wants one for themselves - or maybe you're looking for the perfect items to make a gift basket with for a birthday or Holiday gift! Make sure to check out the colors available in the store link to your left.

The Scrubbie Bath Set is a two piece set, perfect for making your bath time a restful relaxing experience. A Scrubbie for your hard to reach back spots, and a scrubbie/washcloth combination for the rest of you.

Made from 100% organic cotton yarn

Fully washable for continued uses, just throw in the washer along with your towels. Scrubbie in the washcloth can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

Back scrubbie has a textured popcorn stitch for soothing massage effect. The back scrubbie is 3" x 26" with a handle on each end.

Bath scrubbie is 4" round and has a scrubbie middle.

Perfect for you or as a wonderful addition to a relax basket/bag for a gift!

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