Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top Ten Rules for buying yarn

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1. If you have children, make sure they believe that the yarn store is the best place in the whole wide world to go. Bribe if necessary. Make sure they have clean hands so you can teach them the one finger rule - they can touch, but only with one finger. Remind them if they break the rules, they won't receive the bribe.

2. You never have enough yarn. You will anger the yarn gods if you think this and they will make certain to put a project in your line of vision that will demand you purchase more.

3. If you have an opportunity to shop for yarn, take it. You never know when you'll stumble across that perfect project and you wouldn't want to be caught with your yarn down.

4. Make sure to purchase many skeins of the same color/style. Don't purchase the exact amount you need for a project, don't even carry patterns with you. If you do, the yarn gods will again smite you and make certain you make a mistake and have to tear it out and in the process ruin the yarn and need more.

5. If you really really love it...buy it right then. Don't wait to go home and think about it - if you do it will most certainly be totally sold out the very next day when you go back to purchase it.

6. If it's on sale for $1 or less and not totally hideous - buy all of it. Even if it just pretties up your yarn stash area, it's worth it.

7. If you think, while touching the most awesome yarn, you'll never come up with a project to use this really cool yarn in - close your eyes and imagine that you've been invited to THE Holiday party of the year and you can't complete the perfect outfit because you didn't purchase that yarn. Don't sulk, just protect yourself by purchasing it.

8. Always make time to buy yarn when traveling. It helps stimulate the economy and they always have something you can't find at home. But make sure to pack an extra bag.

9. Yarn purchased online doesn't count. Yarn purchased on auction sites DOUBLE doesn't count. So don't worry about those self-imposed quotas, they violate all the rules anyway.

10. It's better to go to the yarn store or the www store without anything in mind - when you're ready, the yarn you've been searching for will suddenly appear. Right there where you've looked for it 100 times before. IF you've been following the rules.

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