Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Zipper

A Zipper in action at a County Fair.Image via Wikipedia

And you thought I meant an amusement park ride didn't you? hahaha

Did you know that on November 25, 1851, the zipper (featuring two rows of interlocking hooks) was first patented? Or that the first practical zipper was patented in 1893. Or that it was called a “clasp locker"? And that a later version had the improved name of “hookless fastener”? Or that the word “zipper” was first used by the B. F. Goodrich Company in 1923 to describe the fastening system on its rubber boots? And that in 1985, a 690-yard (630-m) long zip fastener was manufactured. It had nearly 120,000 “teeth.”

D0 you CARE?

My thoughts about all this..well..why the heck do they insist on being so DIFFICULT to put in? I mean, did all these past inventors not have a clue of the agony they would impart on unsuspecting seamstresses? Sure, there are some that are quite simple to put in. But it never fails, I'll get some off the wall idea for a product to make in my head that I just can't shake - and of course it has to include a zipper. I mean, why not? I love to spend days trying to figure out exactly how I can make the evil zipper bend and work the way I want it. And drive myself insane thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking it through, even in my sleep. Mapping it out in my mind over and over, because heaven forbid I just grab the zipper and the fabric and DO IT right? I mean, what if it just won't do what I want it to do? What if it won't go in the way I need it to? What if the final product doesn't look like I want it to because of this darn contraption?

Trust me, I've studied. I think I know more about zippers than I ever wanted to know. Well, not really. I've found some great theory tutorials on zippers, they've helped a lot.

Here are a few that have really good starting point information:




Of course the projects I have in my head can't be anything directly like they show, because then I wouldn't have to take all the different ways to insert a zipper and then take a little bit of each theory to make inserting mine work out. muwahahahaha

So cover your ears this weekend if you're anywhere around my neck of the woods. And make sure to cover the little one's ears too - you certainly don't need to be explaining what #$@%%^;* means now do you?

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