Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once a Month Cooking

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Thank heavens for sisters. As you can tell by my absence, I've been super busy with special orders and new projects - some don't even have zippers. Thank heavens.

My sister Mary had this brilliant idea to save time and money, once a month cooking! So we spent a few hours together looking through the cookbook to come up with a recipe plan. I'm pretty excited. This week we're doing price checks at the stores we usually shop at and then we'll get together again to finalize the shopping list and where to purchase all the ingredients at the best price. We'll gather all the ingredients and have an all day preparathon the first week of November. We're thinking with Thanksgiving in November too that our planned recipes will last the full month. And what better time of the year - this way we'll be able to have time to get our handmade gifts done for Christmas presents, work our job/business and maybe even have some free time to relax. How cool is that?!

We're hoping it works out well, saves us money and time - AND we can keep doing it and getting better at it. I'll make sure to update here and let you know the recipes we made, the cost per meal/serving and hopefully post some pictures.

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