Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Once a Month Cooking 2!

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So Once a Month Cooking day is done, what fun we had! We'll see how this works out for giving both of us more time to do what we love - family and creating. We did all the cooking at my sister's house because she has the perfect set up for this style of cooking. It took us about 8 hours to make this list of meals and have approximately two meals for each family based on family size. It works out for us as 2/3 of each recipe for my sister and 1/3 for me. That's how we split the cost of food supplies also. Here's the list of recipes:

Slow Cooker Fajitas
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Mom's Favorite Meatloaf
Beefy Enchiladas
Chicken Sante Fe Soup
Chicken Potato Pie
Chicken Tucson (and no, I didn't misspell it haha)
Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Beans
Chicken Potato Skillet

As you see, we didn't actually cook enough for 30 days. We decided on 20 meals. We took in to account that my sister and her husband like to go out once a week, that we both have a few family favorite recipes we just HAVE to make at least once a month and Thanksgiving coming up. AND, because it's our first time trying this out - we wanted to make certain we liked the recipes and had the right set up to make this really work for us. We also looked through all the available recipes to have a variety of types of meats and also cooking methods - stove top, oven, and slow cooker. We also wanted to choose recipes were you had to add only simple quick sides (like vegetables and salads) to round it out so we didn't have to spend more than 30 minutes getting supper on the table. I think we made some fabulous choices! Zoe and I have already had two meals from our stash - Slow Cooker Fajitas and Chicken Potato Pie - mmgood!

We had a blast cooking all day, I won't lie - we did get tired the last half hour. LOL But the time together was awesome, and we work well together. I am excited to see how the month goes and am looking forward to finding next months recipes! We'll probably do the same amount because of Holiday happenings. We also think we might even have some family favorite recipes we can work into this cooking style.

Have you ever thought about trying this kind of cooking for your family? Most of the available recipes can be made for as little as 4 servings and as many as 12. There is a lot of information out here on the Internet, check it out and see if it might work for you! I think it will also save money too, so we'll keep track of that and I'll report back later.

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