Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Cocoon - Knitting Pattern

Baby Cocoons are the latest thing for babies and not just for photo props. They are so cute and are perfect for swaddling. So when I found the pattern for the cute baby hat I blogged about earlier the wheels starting turning. So I grabbed the knitting needles and went to work.

Size 10 1/2 circular needles
#4 yarn (worsted weight), use two strands held together

Cast on 80 stitches, join into round - place marker
Knit 1 round, purl one round (will make a garter stitch to match the hat)
Repeat these two rounds until piece measures 22" long.
Next row: Knit 2 together, 40 stitches left
Next row: Knit 2 together, 20 stitches left
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn on needle, draw through remaining stitches and draw closed. Fasten off.

Now, you can just roll down the top and you'll have the perfect cocoon for a baby! They are so easy to make and use, you won't believe it. You can make one in every color of the rainbow! I've attached a cute little flower that matches the hat. When you go to cocoon the baby - just roll it down like you would a sock. Put the baby's feet in and roll up to swaddle the baby.


  1. LOL Wouldn't that be fun - a super sized cocoon!

  2. hi, I would like to say thankyou for helping with your post about the cocoon . But I have a ?
    could you make one of these on the knifty knitter? please help .

  3. Kathleen,

    I don't really know anything about how to use the knifty knitter. Have you tried doing a search, I thought they had a site that had patterns?

  4. 2 questions: How much yarn is required? How do I get the pattern for the hat and flower?

  5. I can't believe I left that part out, and the sad's been awhile so I can't be certain, I'm pretty sure it was a 6oz. skein of each. The link to the pattern for the hat is in a blog post here.

  6. I was wondering what do you mean by join at the round.

  7. Wanted to find out if u have any suggestions on decreasing the stitches less abruptly...