Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giveaway - 4th Anniversary Cupcake Contest!

Can you believe it - Candejo's Creations has been open for FOUR YEARS?! In celebration I'm having a cupcake giveaway contest. Here's the guidelines!

No, I'm not serious.
This cupcake isn't REALLY a $1000! LOL
It's free for one winner!!
If you follow these three simple steps you just might be the winner of this fun crocheted cupcake - great for a birthday. display or gift! Crocheted with acrylic thread and yarn - stuffed with recycled cotton stuffing and accented with glass beads for sprinkles.

1) Find a picture of this cupcake in four different listings in my store.
Of course the picture is probably much smaller than you see here. LOL
Find all four and include the name of the auctions in the email you send me.
Here's where you need to search! ----> Candejo's Creations
One entry into the drawing for each cupcake you find - 4 possible entries!

2) Become a follower on my blog


Pick your favorite post and comment on one of my blog posts.
Let me know which one you choose to do in the email you send me.
Here's my blog, of course you're already here LOL! ------> Candejo's Creations Blog
One entry in the drawing for each step - 2 possible entries!

3) Become a fan on my Facebook Fan Page


Post a Happy 4th Anniversary on the wall!
There is a link to the Facebook Fan Page here,
so connect easily through that link!


Post a comment in my store forum if you belong to Best of Boards on the 4th Anniversary post!
Let me know which one you choose to do in the email you send me.
One entry in the drawing for each step - 3 possible entries!

Send me an email using this CONTACT ME link with this information. With each step you did you will receive the designated entries into the drawing. Drawing will be held Friday and will be announced in my Store Forum on Best of Boards, on my blog and on my Facebook Fan Page!

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