Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sewing Tip - Bias Tape

My friend Twyla and I were discussing our love hate relationship with bias tape. She's found a great project, but you guessed it - LOTS of bias tape necessary. And of course we all know how hard it is to find some that actually matches our project. So a few years ago, I went on a quest on the Internet to learn how to make my own. Yes, there are a ton of tutorials and u-tube videos available - but this is my favorite one.

How to make your own bias tape

And to go along with it, if you want an extra little tip that makes this whole process even easier make sure to check out this tutorial from Creative Little Daisy!

DIY Version of a Bias Tape Maker

I can bet you're just as excited as me to get working on your next project that needs bias tape. And DIY bias tape is much easier to work with!

Happy Sewing!

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