Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday!

Every Tuesday I'll be sharing an original tutorial or sharing a tutorial for you to link up with from all the talented people out in the www. Today, I'm sharing a really awesome link to a chef's hat that I'll be making for my granddaughter Emma's birthday. Along with this super cute hat I'll be adding a handmade apron and cookbook. Emma and I have spent the summer cooking and baking things together - SO MUCH FUN! I've typed up our recipes and put them in her very own cookbook. I know she'll be excited, because she's asked several times for a chef's hat.

here's the link, hopefully you'll have someone you can make one for to make their day! Chef's Hat Tutorial by CurlyPops I'll be back in mid October to add a picture to this post of the birthday package.

Happy sewing,

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