Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5th Anniversary Contest - 5th of 5!

It's free for one winner!!
If you follow these simple steps you just might be the winner!

5th Anniversary Contest!
An awesome chance for you to win a $10 Gift Certificate for the store!

Register on the BoB Auction site -
Doesn't mean you have to purchase OR sell there,
but you can if you want to - now or in the future!
Kim and Laura have some great items listed in their stores too!


If you've registered previously and made a purchase from a seller there:
log in
go to your member area
click on reputation (feedback)
click on leave comments
you'll see a list of purchases or sales you've made
Hit proceed to leave reputation (feedback) for any purchases or sales
(1 entry for each)


Look through current items available or through sold items
(You can click view reputation in my store to find links to items I've previously sold)
Find an item you like and tell me what you like about it or what you would change about it -
or make a suggestion for a NEW ITEM you would like to see!
(1 entry for each)

Let me know which ones you choose to do in the email you send me. One entry into the drawing for each one you do - Limitlesspossible entries!
Send me an email using this CONTACT ME link with the information.

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