Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Easter Wreath

I'm always searching for fun ideas for holiday themed projects - with two granddaughters, we need something to make or pretty up our surroundings to celebrate. I just rounded up all the supplies for this great wreath posted over at Chica and Jo ! The supply list isn't too long and if you're careful shopping you can make it for between $10-$12, even less if you're like me and already had some of the supplies in your stash and know where to look for bargains. (For examples -the 50 clothespins can be found for just $1, use old wire hangers to make your own wire wreath frame and use the same fabric you use for the clothespins to make your bow!) We'll be working on it this week. Make sure to check out the tutorial, it's a fun project and you can use the wreath every year for Easter. Make sure to comment and let Chica and Jo know if you like the project!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Sew Along for Japan!

My friend Twyla over at Sweet as Steel blogged about a wonderful sew along opportunity - make sure to check it out! THANK YOU for sharing the information Twyla!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEW Spring Items available in the Store!

YIPPEE, Spring is here! Grass is getting green, the birds are all back, the sun is shining and buds are peaking out everywhere. I've been checking out the Pantone most popular colors for Spring and Summer 2011 and they've been inspiring some great new Spring products. Make sure to click the Store button to your left every week as new items are added. You're sure to find something that will make you feel HAPPY this season! Here are a few items using the lavender shades. The Lavender Handbag The Reuseable Grocery Tote (this actually uses a fabric with a combination of Pantone popular colors!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

I'm always on the search for cute teacher/friends/kids gifty ideas. Over at she wears flowers check out this fun tutorial for a sock cupcake!

Her blog has just loads of great ideas, so make sure to look around and thank her for sharing.

Monday, March 14, 2011

LBG studio

Yes, I know it seems like the deadline has passed...and it almost has. BUT, Vanessa at LBG Studio FAQ's say -

Is there a deadline to mail the dresses in?
Nope. The charity accepts donations year round! The only deadline involved with the sew-a-long is Wednesday, March 16th, which is when entries for the giveaway close.

So, if you want to get in on the sew-a-long and giveaway - you'd better get busy! But don't give up if you can't make it by the dealine because this is an awesome idea for just ANYTIME! I'm getting on the phone and setting up a sewing party, I won't be able to meet the deadline for the sew-a-long prizes but we'll have dresses shipping by mid April. Why don't you get your friends together for a fun sewing party too? A great excuse to have a party, visit with your friends, have great snacks AND help dress little girls around the world!

THANK YOU Vanessa for hosting the sew-a-long and for sharing the information about this awesome charity!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breakfast scarfs and SPRINGTIME!

Make sure to click the STORE link to your left and check out the fun new items added to the store. Great new bags for Spring...

and if you're a breakfast fan, check out this fun novelty scarf!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Milestone Birthday Idea!

I seem to have a lot of friends and family that are hitting milestone birthdays over the next year - here is an AWESOME and easy tutorial from Did Someone Say Party . It can easily be changed for ANY milestone birthday! Make sure to thank her for sharing this great idea! I've already made one and plan on making many more this year.

40 Rocks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anniversary Contest Winners!

I'm so excited to post the Anniversary Contest Winners! I have to tell you, I don't really do the high tech thing here for deciding who wins - I just use raffle tickets (you know, the old kind on a great big roll), write people's names on them and then put them in a plastic bucket and have my granddaughter draw out the winners. LOL Since there were 5 different contest with multiple entries for each contest it took a bit. I also wanted to double and triple check so no entries were missed!

SO.....drum roll please....

Anniversary Contest 1 WINNER

Anniversary Contest 2 WINNER
(make sure to check out her blog Whimsical Charms)

Anniversary Contest 3 WINNER
Coffee Time Tote - Jeanette

Anniversary Contest 4 WINNER
(make sure to check out her blog The Journey Continues)
A little explanation for this contest and winner. Obviously - not many people who heard about the contest twitter...LOL...so after drawing for Contest Winners 1,2,3 &5 all the entries for each contest that weren't drawn were put back in the bucket and a winner for Contest 4 was drawn!

Anniversary Contest 5 WINNER

THANK YOU for everyone who entered! Send me an email using this CONTACT ME link with your shipping information - I am excited that I will be shipping out goodies to the winners this week!