Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anniversary Contest Winners!

I'm so excited to post the Anniversary Contest Winners! I have to tell you, I don't really do the high tech thing here for deciding who wins - I just use raffle tickets (you know, the old kind on a great big roll), write people's names on them and then put them in a plastic bucket and have my granddaughter draw out the winners. LOL Since there were 5 different contest with multiple entries for each contest it took a bit. I also wanted to double and triple check so no entries were missed!

SO.....drum roll please....

Anniversary Contest 1 WINNER

Anniversary Contest 2 WINNER
(make sure to check out her blog Whimsical Charms)

Anniversary Contest 3 WINNER
Coffee Time Tote - Jeanette

Anniversary Contest 4 WINNER
(make sure to check out her blog The Journey Continues)
A little explanation for this contest and winner. Obviously - not many people who heard about the contest twitter...LOL...so after drawing for Contest Winners 1,2,3 &5 all the entries for each contest that weren't drawn were put back in the bucket and a winner for Contest 4 was drawn!

Anniversary Contest 5 WINNER

THANK YOU for everyone who entered! Send me an email using this CONTACT ME link with your shipping information - I am excited that I will be shipping out goodies to the winners this week!

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  1. Got my prize, and love it! :) Thanks for continuing to make amazing products and for having FUN contests!!