Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Easter Wreath

I'm always searching for fun ideas for holiday themed projects - with two granddaughters, we need something to make or pretty up our surroundings to celebrate. I just rounded up all the supplies for this great wreath posted over at Chica and Jo ! The supply list isn't too long and if you're careful shopping you can make it for between $10-$12, even less if you're like me and already had some of the supplies in your stash and know where to look for bargains. (For examples -the 50 clothespins can be found for just $1, use old wire hangers to make your own wire wreath frame and use the same fabric you use for the clothespins to make your bow!) We'll be working on it this week. Make sure to check out the tutorial, it's a fun project and you can use the wreath every year for Easter. Make sure to comment and let Chica and Jo know if you like the project!

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