Monday, July 25, 2011

Motivation Monday

Sewing mends the soul. - anon

Nothing more true than this. While I have sewn, knitted, crocheted, embroidered and cross stitched since I was very young - you know how it is when you are grown and oh so busy though. It pretty much was put aside while I thought I was too busy with life - when a husband, four children and jobs just took almost every little bit of energy I had. I admire the many women here in the blogosphere who can keep up with their craftiness through it all, I could never quite juggle it all. Yes, I did things here and there but not with any regularity. It wasn't until my husband was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago that the overwhelming need came back oh so strong. The day before his 14 hour surgery I dug out the crochet hooks, ran to the store for a big sack of yarn and dug out my project tote. I sat in that waiting room and crocheted half of a super size afghan in his favorite colors so he could be warm over the next few months - and so I coud at least attempt to stay sane, instead of just terrified and overwhelmed. And it didn't stop there, in fact it has yet to stop. My husband lives on now only in our memories and I am certain that the only reason I have survived up to this point is because of it. So, when you are feeling overwhelmed with life and what it is offering you - take a moment to dig deep and see if sewing can help mend your soul.

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