Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New canvas handbags

I've had a major obsession with handbags this year. As if you couldn't tell by the store right? Maybe that's why I've been so busy with custom orders this spring and summer, everyone else has been too. LOL

There are just so many fascinating techniques, styles and designs to put together. I've purchased a few patterns by inde designers - absolutely awesome, so talented and so far ahead of commercial patterns (which I hate and swore off for life)! I've learned new techniques and even how to think differently about tried and true things. I've also designed quite a few patterns for myself - these two new bags in the store are examples!

Check out the shop to see if there is a style just for you - remember, if you see a style you like but it isn't in your colors...use the contact me link right there in the listing. OR maybe you've been dreaming of that perfect bag for YOU. Type it out and send it to me using the contact me link and we'll see what we can do!

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