Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Pumice Hand Scrub

I've been experimenting over the last year with different "recipes" for a hand scrub for the gardeners in my family - it actually started out as a mission to make a gift for my mom. You KNOW how hard it is to make something for a person who is a maker themselves, and who is at the age in their life when they're downsizing?!  So, here's the "recipe" I finally decided on. I think this would work great for anyone who gets their hands dirty - mechanics, carpenters, construction workers...the list is endless.  A great gift idea for someone in your life!
Supplies -
Here's the list of supplies you'll need, I've also added some alternatives or changes just in case you want to make yours slightly different.

1. Two small pumice stones - If you can find a large one obviously you'll only need one. I found white ones at the Dollar Store, but the normal type ones will do too. The best place to look for them is with the beauty products, nails and feet section. Mine were approx. 1 inch x 4 inch.

2. 2 bars of soap - I chose my mom's favorite soap and it has scent. BUT, if you want to use unscented soap and add your own scent later - totally up to you.

3. 1 1/4 cup Borax - You can find this with the laundry detergent.

4. Four 8 oz. jars - I chose to use some canning jars I already had here, but you can use any type of jar, even recycled jars like from jelly.

5. 3/4 cup water (optional, if you want your scrub to be dry)

6. Food grade extract (such as mint, cinnamon, peppermint) or Essential Oil in your favorite fragrance (optional, if your soap is scented you don't need it) - my soap was scented so I didn't use any.

7. Labels - If it's for a gift, you'll want to put a label on it. It can be personalized with their name, what it is and ingredients. UP TO YOU!

8. Ribbon - I chose to use blank business cards to make my labels, so I attached it to my jars with some pretty little ribbon.

Tools -

1. 2+ large ziplock bags
2. Hammer
3. Grater
4. Large Bowl
5. Measuring cup
6. Hole punch

A thank you to my sister Mary, who offered to be the guinea pig for making this batch and let me take pictures.

Step 1 - Grate your soap bars, the finer you can get it the easier it will be to mix with the other ingredients but it's totally up to you.

Step 2 - Smash your pumice stone(s). I put both my pumice pieces inside a ziplock bag, and then put that bag inside a second one. Then pound with your hammer. Make sure you pound on a smoother surface, a rough surface will put tears in your bag. A piece of wood, cutting board or smooth concrete is probably the best choice.

Step 3 - Measure Borax in your measuring cup. Mix grated soap, smashed pumice stones and borax in your bowl.

Step 4 - (this step can be optional) Mix in water and scent. Water just makes it smoother, but can be left out if you prefer a dryer scrub. If you want to make your own scent you can add your food grade extract or essential oils in this step too (make sure to only do this if you've used unscented soap).

Step 5 - Mix it all up with your hands in the bowl. Spend a few minutes making sure it is mixed well. You'll notice this batch looks all white because the pumice stones were white. Otherwise it will be a mix of whites and grays.

Step 6 - Divide your scrub between the jars you have selected. You could put it in one big jar, but remember that it could be difficult to get out once it's partially used. I would suggest two medium jars, or four smaller jars - but it the jar has a wide mouth you could make it just one.

Step 7 - Close your jars up. Optional - you can add ribbon and label. Again, I used thin ribbon and labels attached to it that I printed up on my computer using business card sheets. Hole punch the business card on the side, slide on ribbon and tie to jar.  (We labeled this batch for gardeners because my sister is giving them as a gift to her sister - in - law.)

All done and ready for gift giving!  Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday or JUST BECAUSE!

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